1. Airport Arrival and Pick Up

a. For airport pickup, confirm in your email inquiry to the association, how many passengers would be landing and your travel itinerary. It is also very important to note the time difference and that the arrival time stated is Nova Scotia time.

b. Your travel and landing documents (COPR, International Passport, etc.) for every family member(s) are very important documents, ensure they are not forgotten or misplaced while travelling. (Please note some forms will be given to you to fill at the airport)

c. If you have goods that would be arriving after you have landed, ensure you have a list of goods to follow handy while travelling and that it is stamped at the point of entry, this would qualify you for duty- and tax-free importation. See link for details

d. Ensure you have a permanent address where your PR cards would be sent to when they are ready. This address will be requested by the immigration officer while filling your landing documents at the point of entry. Reach out to the association if you don’t have a permanent address.

e. If you have a long lay-over, consider completing your SIN (Social Insurance Number) application with Service Canada at the airport. Note that your SIN application can also be done later at any Service Canada in the city you will be resident.

2. Accommodation

Ensure you have a secured accommodation before landing. Below is a list of companies whose websites you can visit to view available apartments Killam properties, Capreit, Kijiji, Drem global, H&R; reit, Northview apartment

Follow the steps below in securing your accommodation, reach out the association if your need assistance.

a. Contact Property Managers via mail or phone

b. Where possible, book a viewing of the apartment. Reach out to the association if you need assistance with viewing the apartment

c. Follow-up with documentation, approval and security deposit. Note that a resident in Canada might be required to stand as your guarantor while signing the lease agreement for your accommodation.

d. Contact Nova Scotia Power to turn on power supply at your apartment number earlier than the day/date your lease begins.

e. Before arrival, it is advisable to contact any Internet Providers of your choice to ensure you have internet access in your apartment upon moving in date. The popular Internet providers are Bell, Eastlink and CityWide. (City wide Mobile: 8006005667)

f. Contact home Insurance (Zip Sure and other competitive options can be sourced)

3. Temporary Accommodation (Airbnb)

For newcomers that haven’t gotten a permanent accommodation, or their accommodation won’t be ready when they land, it is usually advisable to book for Airbnb prior to arrival.

Follow steps below to secure your Airbnb

a. Go to
b. Sign up and log in with your credentials
c. Look up and check location in line with where the new-comer intend to settle (Use filters like Family size, location, price etc to refine search criteria)
d. Pay for accomodation
e. Check for messages in your message folder for contact number, email to help in proper communication with the host.
f. Confirm from the Airbnb host how you would gain access to your accommodation upon arrival

4. Auto Insurance

To help with getting a fair Auto insurance quote/deal, it is advisable come along with

a. FRSC letter (this can be processed in Abuja)
b. Insurance No Claim letter (only necessary if in good-standing) with your last insurance company back home.

Please note that you can drive with a valid Nigerian driver license for 90days upon arrival. (Kindly note that Access Nova Scotia has a right to give you a shorter window if policy demands this in your unique case)

5. School and Daycare

a. Look up kids’ school based on apartment location: (Use the link below to research your options);=F3627A4F-1318-497A-BEB0-59EB8755CFE8&DistrictCode;=NS54&DataStatus;=

b. Look up school’s website (Register school age children in school): To register, you need: child’s birth certificate, Identification (COPR), Lease agreement, proof of residence eg power or insurance bill)
c. If necessary, look up available daycare close to your accommodation putting age of your child(ren) into consideration

d. Securing a Daycare for your child/children can be challenging, ensure you reach out to daycare and ask to be put on the wait list, in some cases you will be required to fill the enrollment application, provide void cheque, and sign the parent policy manual

6, Groceries

a. Acquaint yourself with groceries stores around your accommodation. Some popular groceries stores in Nova Scotia are Walmart, Costco, No frills, Shoppers Drug Mart etc. Use this link to find out more:

7, Visit any Service Canada For SIN (Social Insurance Number)

i. Service Canada Halifax: 6206 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 3V1
ii. Service Canada Dartmouth: 33 Alderney Dr, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2N4
iii. Go with your COPR, Intl Passport. Your SIN is a personal document, ensure it is kept safe. It is required by employers, banks when opening account, and accessing some government services.

8. Health Card and Phamacare

a. Visit the MSI Building at 230 Brownlow Ave, Dartmouth, NS B3B 0G5 to apply for and obtain your Healthcard
b. Go with COPR, SIN, International passport
c. You will fill a form
d. You will need a resident of nova scotia to stand as guarantor.
e. Only adults are required. Children do not have to be physically present to obtain the health card.
f. Health card will be printed and handed over to you

9. Mobile phone

Phone: Before ariving confirm your mobile phone is compatible and useable in Canada
Sim card: Postpaid or prepaid lines are available, as a newcomer you may likely buy the prepaid as you may not meet the requirements for the postpaid option. For postpaid, Lander will require bank details, Intl passport, lease agreement etc.
For prepaid: Create an account with proof of ID.
a. Look through their various offerings (suggest i- unlimited calls; ii- nation-wide; iii- minimum 2G data.
b. Ask for any offer for new immigrant

10. Nova Scotia ID

a. If within HRM Visit Access Nova Scotia Halifax :300 Horseshoe Lake Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 0B4 to apply for you Nova Scotia ID
b. If within or around Dartmouth Visit Access Nova Scotia Dartmouth :250 Baker Dr #134, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6A3 to apply for you Nova Scotia ID
c. Go with all documents: Health Card, COPR, International Passport
d. Photos will be taken (payment required)
e. ID will be posted within 10 working days to address you will provide upon application

11, Bank Account Opening (Adults only)

There are a good number of banks to choose from: Scotia bank, CIBC, TD Bank, RBC, BMO

a. Walk in or call to book appointment for account opening
b. Attend appointment with all documents: Intl. Passport, Lease agreement, COPR and SIN
c. Financial advisor will advise on various options after which you may open your account

12, Government funded Newcomer Support Services - eg ISANS

a. Call to register/ book appointment with the intake counsellor (902-423-3607)
b. ISANS office at 960 Mumford Rd Suite 2120, Halifax, NS B3L 4P1
c. Discuss your settlement needs (more details)
d. Decide which program is best for you
e. Attend scheduled classes/ events/volunteer groups

13, Getting a new Driver’s License

This involves written and actual road tests.

Written test
a. Download manual from or buy handbook from Access Nova Scotia
b. Practice with online platforms that support drivers tests, scrutinize such online supports to be sure their details are up to date as the manual has been recently reviewd and some of those sites have failed to comply with the new rules in their practice questions and answers.

Driving Test
a. Book driving test same day of passing written test. b. Findneeded training hours. Suggested driving- ; - -

14, For Minor medical needs (Call 311 for more details)
Here you can get information on nearest clinic to you and how to get a family doctor

a, You can Register with a family doctor using the link below if one has not been recommended or assigned to you

15, Benefits

A- Daycare Subsidy

a. Download forms on
b. You can submit online or via post

To submit online go to
ii- attach your completed application form (PDF file).
iii- If you have any digital versions of your supporting documents, attach these as well.
iv- Click 'Send'. The information will be securely sent to the Child Care Subsidy Program.

To Submit by post
i- Print all the forms above. Sign it.
ii- Gather copies of your supporting documents.
iii- Mail, or hand deliver, the materials to your local regional office address below;

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development: Child Care Subsidy Program 2021 Brunswick St P.O. Box 578 2021 Brunswick Street Halifax, NS B3J 2S9 Intake: 902-424-2084 Intake Toll Free: 1-844-804-2084

II, Child Care benefit
a. Visit for all information as regard the forms.
b. Download, Print and fill the forms
c. Include all forms with supporting documents (COPR, PR card, Birth cert, intl passport etc)
d. Post to the address
Sudbury Tax Office
P.O BOX 20000 STN A
Sudbury ON
P3A 5C1

III, GST HST (Tax) Application
The GST/HST credit is a non-taxable quarterly payment that helps individuals and families with low and modest incomes offset part of the GST/HST that they pay.
For more information go to, call 1-800-387-1193, or see Guide RC4210, GST/HST Credit.
To get the forms and publications, go to or call 1-800-387-1193.

16 - Household items
i-Furniture: For affordable new ones (IKEA, Walmart, The brick, etc)
ii-Bed (The Brick, sleep country, IKEA, Walmart etc.)
iii-TV. Microwave, Electric jug, extension boxes (Best Buy, Walmart, IKEA, etc)
iv-Kitchen utensils (Walmart, Canadian Tire, IKEA Dollaramma, etc)
v- Groceries: (Walmart, No frills, Costco,etc)
vi-Protein (Charter meat market, Flenjor foods, etc)
Nigerian foods: African Store (Flenjor foods, Kalisimbi, etc.)

17 - Free Home items and Food Banks for New Comers

a. Adsum for Women, 2421 Brunswick Street, Monday to Thursday 1pm to 3pm (unless changed by events)
Phone: 9024235049 Website: https//

b. Brunswick Street Mission, 2107 Brunswick Street
Phone: 902-423-4605

c. Parker Street Food and furniture bank, 2415 Maynard Street,
Phone: 902-425-2125

d. St Paul Family Resources, 173 Old Sambro Road.
Disburse every Wednesday but call Mon/Tues before
Phone: 9024791015

e. The Salvation Army, 2038 Gottingen st,
Phone: 9024221598

f. Chebucto Family Center, 3 Sylvia Avenue
Phone: 902-479-3031 ext. 302

g. Facebook Marketplace for daily deals on used items

h. Install Kijiji App for used items on sale

i. Install the flipp app to know when items are on sale around you

18 - Finding Jobs

I. Get guidance/insight on company or roles towards interviews (ISANS, YWCA, Mahalia Partnership, Existing staff, Naija whatsaa groups, etc)
II. Where to print (Job Junction (Free), ISANs, Library@10 cents, UPS store etc)
III. Job sites etc (Glassdoor, Indeed, Neuvoo, Randstad, Zip recruiter, Linkedln, etc

19 - Public Transportation
a. Download Transit App
b. Buy single bus tickets or bus pass for the Month at Shoppers Drug mart close to you or any HRM Customer Service Centre
c. Apply for the Affordable Access Program for subsidized bus pass, free recreational program based on household income.